Our target is improving working standards! In other words, living standards! Many local people are eager to work for us, because we are guaranteeing workers’ rights, giving them the opportunity to express themselves. Our company supports highly the hired labor which is recruited far from any kind of discrimination. In our company, workers have several rights such as the right to be paid well, the right to safe and healthful working conditions, the right to social insurance and the right to respectful and well treatment.  In our company, we are listening to the workers’ problems and occupations which create a good work environment.  90% of our work is done by women from 18 to 55 years old. We give the power for women to be productive, financially independent and to help her family. We are protecting women by our internal law as far as the Childs by banning child labor.

Therefore, it comes the role of Desert Joy elected worker committee that aims to defend and promote employees' interests at work. Its members are elected by and from among all the workers and hold their mandate for two years. Its powers and responsibilities include the right to negotiate company or workplace agreements; the right to information or consultation on financial, commercial and labor matters; responsibility for supervising and monitoring compliance with regulations on labor matters, social security, employment health and safety; and the right to take administrative and legal action. Its members must keep professional confidentiality.