Advantages of growing in Tunisia

Great light

When winter hits in the Netherlands and Dutch growers have to resort to growlight to produce tomatoes, Tunisia offers us a tremendous amount of natural light. With joules between 1000 and 1500 this is comparable with summer in the Northern Hemisphere.

Geothermal water

A huge amount of geothermal water is available. We do not only use this water for watering plants, we also use this for heating. This makes our greenhouse very energy efficient.

Gas pipeline

A gas pipeline, which delivers gas from Algeria to Italy, runs directly past our hectares of land. Therefore we have fast and efficient access to gas and Co2.

Fast logistic route:

In just three days from harvesting our tomatoes reach GreenPack in Maasdijk, the Netherlands, where our products can packed according to your likings and transported towards your location of choice.

We believe we can produce the highest quality winter tomatoes, perfectly comparable with Dutch produce. The experience of our Dutch growers in combination with heated greenhouses, geothermal heating and natural light make sure we offer the best quality in a very sustainable way.